Everest Media Dock

$69.99 USD

A whole mountain range of controls and information on top of your keyboard. Also, the first of its kind to feature a display! Apart from easily accessible media controls, the display will enable you to monitor your system, display or switch profiles. Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Compatible with: Everest Max, Everest Core, Everest Core Barebone.

Customer Reviews

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whilst the device docks and works ok in most ways, I find the majority of functions pointless and I would prefer to be able to customise the functions better, as it is I have a very expensive volume wheel, perhaps it does do what I want but therein lies another problem, the instructions and software are a nightmare to understand, the folks who write this need to understand that the end user knows nothing about the product and the way it works other than its a keyboard etc

Needs improvement

Hardware wise, it's good.
Software is appalling. Disabling menu items doesn't actually hide them, can't change scroll speed, can't re-arrange items, and the list goes on.

Mark S
Almost got it

All in all I love the media dock. I have the clock display up permanently and use the stop watch when timing respawn timers in games. Works great. My only complaint is the ink on the media button labels fade super quickly and now it looks terrible. These should be sunken in or a coating applied to reduce this. Everyone who sees the keyboard points that out first. "Why are all the labels faded off?" is the usual comeback. I don't even use the media keys that's just from rotating the dial my thumb rubs on the surface.

Sascha S.
Nearly perfect!

The media dock contains various options to display, like volume, clock (stop watch, time & date, etc.), pc info and more. Software side you can also deactivate a few of these in case you're not interested in certain things. The only improvement I'd like to see to this is that those deactivated options are being removed entirely from the wheels overview. On my end I deactivated all but clock, volume and pc info and I still see all icons (to be fair though, it jumps between the 3 and not all available).

From a hardware perspective what I'd like to see changed is that the wheel itself could use a better feel, however that's entirely subjective. It feels a bit weak, I'd like it a bit more clicky. The wheel itself could also use a grippy surface on the sides ideally, maybe a bit of texture. However that would just collect dirt over time or might be hard to clean. This current iteration at least insures that it can be cleaned easily.
It's also a bit close to the upper key row on the keyboard, so the wheel cannot entirely be used comfortably.

100% satisfied!

I love my keyboard, the ability to place the ten key or media dock where you like is probably one of the best features. The media buttons on the ten key come in handy way more than I thought they would and being able to put what ever picture you want there was an even nicer touch. I guess if I had to at least pick one thing to have an issue with I would say the rgb isn’t as bright as most board but at the same time I wasn’t buying this for the rgb! You won’t be disappointed with this board