Everest Palm Rest

$14.99 USD

The magnetic palm rest enables maximum comfort and ergonomics with a stable frame and comfortable cushioning. Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Compatible with; Everest Max, Everest Core, Everest Core Barebone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
D v H
Smol but comfy

It is comfy and soft. However it is a bit too small. Especially the fact that it does not reach out until the numpad is a pity.. To me it looks off and it is not nice when you use the numpad. There should be a separate version for the max perhaps. Also, as mentioned in another review the magnets could be stronger. I will replace mine with something DIY at some point, I don't like the color.

Cezar Vizitiu
Too narrow

Way too narrow, even my gf's hand wont fully sit on it.

Roland J Schaapveld

Texture and padding are great, my only gripe would be the magnetic connection to the keyboard isn't very strong.

Flawed Design

I was sent a free palm rest to replace the one that came with my Everest Max. The reason for this replacement was the original palm rest's vinyl covering came loose within about 3 weeks of use and caused bubbling. It both looked bad and will almost certainly lead to tearing of the cover. The same issue has started happening with this replacement. Seems it wasn't a one off problem, and is just inherent in the design.

Sterling Skidmore
Looks great feels great

An amazing addition to the basic key board. I especially the premium feel of it as well