Palm Rest

$14.99 USD

The magnetic palm rest enables maximum comfort and ergonomics with a stable frame and comfortable cushioning. Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Customer Reviews

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Feels premium

The palm rest is incredibly comfortable!
My only concern is that it is -as some others have stated- a little short so that the way you position your hand decides if it is fitting for you or not

Nice Palm Rest

I like the Palm Rets even it could be 1 cm longer. I want to order a spare form y keyboard but it is "out of stock". Will it be available again at some time?

Patrick Kiessling
Should have been 2cm wider

Feels great!

Just wished my whole palm could experience how good it feels instead of just half.
It needs at least 2 more centimeters to feel like it supports my whole wrist (normal sized hands) so a wider version would have been a nice option to have..

Besides that its a good wrist rest, no complains besides that.

Klaus R.
Not much padding

It hasn't as much padding as other wrist wrests, though that isn't a bad thing here.
- The wrist wrest is flush with the keyboard
- Magnetically attached (perfect sweet spot IMO. I like to have mine angles, can easily do that, but it also has a good grip when it's completely attached)
- It's very sturdy
- it also has the cable routings
- the foam is soft but sturdy (like a hard foam matres. If that the only counter argument, I suggest try it out!)
- surprisingly comfy
- The surface is so freaking smooth, feels so nice, I mean really nice (I though I liked the Logitech G12 Palm Wrest, but that one, that one is a difference class)

Good palm rest

Firm and comfortable palm rest, feels quite nice. At first the magnet felt weak on one side and the palm rest came loose very easily. But after a couple of hours it being connected to the keyboard the magnet got stronger and now the magnet holds the palm rest in place very well. In all a really good palm rest from my experience.