Keycap Set - KBDfans - Black Pudding - PBT

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Most keycap sets don't cut it for you? You fancy something special? Look no further. MOUNTAIN's hand-picked keycap sets offer exotic designs for exquisite tastes.

Black Pudding:
PBT | US-ANSI + ISO addon | Double shot legends | OEM profile | 105 keycaps | Black pudding style

How to use

To remove your old keycaps use a keycap puller and replace the keys like for like.

Learn more about keycaps here.

Customer Reviews

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Edvard Obločinski

Nice looking caps, had to order because local seller sold me a keyboard with wrong layout. Package includes buttons for all alternative layouts which is great. Texture feels nice

Very nice keycaps

Quality is really outstanding, nice finish and looks great with the led light shining through the sides.
And not that expensive either.

Scott Enriquez

Keycap Set - KBDfans - Black Pudding - PBT

Chad Rendon
Overall review is ok

I have no problem with the keycaps besides the space bar. Whenever I use it, my space bar becomes delayed or somewhat kinda stuck. You can easily tell the difference between the stock space bar keycap and the black pudding one. So in order for me to utilize my space bar, I use the stock space bar keycap instead of the black pudding one :( I really hope they will be able to help me with this one. I really like the black pudding keycaps.

Vyacheslav Lukiyanchuk
"Keycap Set - KBDfans - Black Pudding - PBT"

" Keycap Set - KBDfans - Black Pudding - PBT" Nice keycaps, not as bright as I thought they would be.