Switch Pack - MOUNTAIN

$39.99 USD - $49.99 USD
TOTAL $39.99 USD
MOUNTAIN takes mechanical switches to new heights with factory-applied lubrication. Effectively reducing friction and noise, MOUNTAIN switches go above and beyond in achieving both auditory and tactile excellence. Fast and precise actuations ensure that you’ll always be on top of your game. Rated for 100 Mil actuations, these switches will serve you for years to come.

How to use

To avoid breaking your switches remove existing switches using a switch puller. Clip the top and bottom edges and pull gently.

Once removed align the pins of your new switches with the connectors and push down.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Churchill

Switch Pack - MOUNTAIN

suning ZGHEYM
Mountain Blue 45g Linear Switch

The mountain blue 45g is very good linear switch.I like it.

marco caroni

Switch Pack - MOUNTAIN

Pierre D.
Smooth and thocky

One of the best linear switches imo. I've owned many cherries they're way more crunchy, and also better than gateron red partly due to lube. Sound is perfect.

Quality not consistent

I have the Mountain Everest Max with Cherry MX Red switches. I like the very quiet sound of it when pressing down a key, but dislike the pinging sound when releasing the key. So I want to replace these switches.

I have earlier written a review about the Mountain tactile version, not sure why it is not visible. Conclusion was I would have been very good if the quality would have been consistent. But because it isn't, some switch still makes a pinging noise.

So I wanted to give the linear version a try. I expected that it would be quieter than the tactile version. But it isn't really. It is quieter than a Cherry MX Brown, maybe slightly quieter than Cherry MX red and muchg louder than Cherry MX Silent Red. So that was disappointing.
Unfortunately also the linear switches the quality is not consistent at all. I tried some and there are too many with a pinging sound.
Therefore I decided to return it and keep the Mountain tactile switches for the time being.

The Mountain switches are better for the RGB compared to the Cherry ones.