Black Pudding Keycap Set

$24.99 USD

Most keycap sets don't cut it for you? You fancy something special? Look no further. MOUNTAIN's hand-picked keycap sets offer exotic designs for exquisite tastes.


US-ANSI + ISO addon







Number of keycaps:


Brand:  KBDfans

How to use

To remove your old keycaps use a keycap puller and replace the keys like for like.

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Customer Reviews

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Letters have gaps, new fonmt from the stock caps too...?!

It's very odd that the font treatment and symbol treatment actually doesn't match what comes stock with the keyboard - ??? The pudding caps writing on keys says "Del" intead of "DELETE", "Ins" instead of "INSERT" and so on. It's much nicer done on the stock keys than on the pudding caps. Also the pudding keys have gaps in the letters that are fully enclosed, Os, As, Bs and so on. Disappointing, but not a deal breaker.

Apart from the above which you can't really tell from the zoomed out photos provided, these are fine. I've currently got a mix of these and the original keys on my keyboard. YMMV. I'll leave the remainder available for when (and if) the ABS keys wear down.

Klaus R.
Keycaps feel great, look nice, and even better on fotos

Only thing I dislike is, that the GER ISO expedition kit doesn't include the Number keys, Number Keys and the "Umlaute".

Richard Berry
Great feel and amazing looks!

I love these key caps! Easy to swap, feels great to use and they look fantastic! When lit up they look like they are floating on a bed of light. The only downside is the caps lock and enter keys are just symbols. But really that is the only thing and really not even an issue!

Brody Nelson
Black pudding keycaps

The overall feel of the keycaps are great but the font is a little messy on some keys. Still a great product and i highly recommend it.

Great keycaps but see if you can't mod your switches

I love these but because of my key switches the lighting is slightly uneven if I could find some frosted looking keyswitch tops they would look a lot better as the light could diffuse mor evenly. Also some of the letter printing isn't as clean as you might expect from other keycaps probably due to how they need to be made but the fact that almost all the key symbols are directly over the LED means that they all look great.