Everest Media Dock

$69.99 USD

A whole mountain range of controls and information on top of your keyboard. Also, the first of its kind to feature a display! Apart from easily accessible media controls, the display will enable you to monitor your system, display or switch profiles.

Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Compatible with: Everest Max, Everest Core, Everest Core Barebone.

Customer Reviews

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Jared Moser
Amazing Customer Service

I have a fully customized Everest Max with 10 Key and the media dock. Amazing product however my media dock just recently went out. I reached out to see if there was something I could do. Was thinking re-flash or maybe I did something wrong. I explained what was going on then out of no where no questions asked they sent me a replacement once I verified my serial number. WOW!!! How amazing is this company. I was going to ride it off as a wash but wow I am blown away. I am life long customer. Already the best keyboard I have built even above customs. Love my keyboard love the 10 key love the media dock. Love Everest.

Gaia L.


Jannik Heit
Excellenter Support

Da mein Mediadock schon nach ca einer Woche Schlieren/ Streifen gezogen hat, hatte ich den Support angeschrieben. Der Support hat sich zügig zwecks Abwicklung etc. bei mir zurückgemeldet und ich habe bereits nach 3 Tagen ein Ersatzdock erhalten. Nun funktioniert es einwandfrei ohne Schlieren und Streifen. Das Mediadock könnte zwar qualitativ etwas hochwertiger sein, aber ich bin damit bislang zufrieden. Die Bedienung ist kinderleicht. 4 Sterne für das Mediadock und der eine Zusatzstern für den Top-Support von Mountain!

F David
The best but could be even more

This is the most interesting implementation I tested so fare
The screen is nice and software enhances it more
The media buttons are decent but not impressive - here I think it can be much better
Software is above average, but still feels some limitation
Some hardware stats cannot be shown on the screen for example(tested on MacBook Pro 16.2 and a PC with Ryzen 3950X)

Panayiotis Efstathiou
Revolutionary Media Dock

The first one had error but they have send me a new one right away.

Amazing features and delicates console.