MOUNTAIN Resin Esc Keycap

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This beautiful artisan keycap contains a small mountain range. It's handmade of wood and resin, and even allows for a bit of RGB to shine through. It's compatible to all switches with Cherry MX stems. Please note: This is a handmade item, each piece is unique and one of a kind.

How to use

To remove your old keycaps use a keycap puller and replace the keys like for like.

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Customer Reviews

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Christoph S
Wonderful and lovely designed keycap

It is really a unique design and looks wonderful, especially with lighting from below shimmering through the "clouds" between the mountains. Awesome!

Bill Thimons
Great Products

After getting it set up it worked great until Sunday and the Numbers Pad stopped working. I tried plugin at both side and still does not work

Luke Goodfellow
Very nice Keycaps indeed 👌🏻

Absolute love these keycaps, I went with the white and I love it! What a difference it makes aesthetically and feels nice too.


how much for a whole set oh keycaps that look like this... plz im begging u

Mervin C.
Interesting enough, good quality

As a handmade product, each sample can vary greatly. Mine was more simplistic than the examples shown, but just as interesting and fun. No quality issues, but the packaging was a joke, a complete 180 from the amazing box the KB came in. It had nothing. It was literally rolling around in the bottom of the shipping box. Very disappointing for such an expensive artisan grade keycap.