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The modular Everest numpad features 4 individually customizable display keys that can perform any command of your choosing while displaying a graphic of your choice.

Provided with two end caps and without additional spacers. 

Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

If you wish to use an extension cable to connect the Numpad to your Everest, please find it here. Other USB Type-C to Type-C cables are not compatible.

The Modular Everest Numpad

Features 4 individually customizable display keys that can perform any command of your choosing while displaying a graphic of your choice. Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Customer Reviews

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martin langmead
Lacking in Accessories for the price

Great addition to the base Core model. However a little expensive for an add-on product and seriously lacking in what I feel should be standard equipment - magnetic feet enough for two and a bottom pad in line with the keyboard and a usb-c cable. The customisable buttons do allow you to change the icons but are unreadable as the keys are flat rather than angled like a normal keycap. There is no feel to them like an MX switch, just an unsatisfying click. A solid number pad nevertheless but let down by the miserly lack of extras.

Matthew Voigt
Very Nice

Good quality just like the keyboard. I love being able to mount it on the left so my mouse has more room to maneuver. The lighting integrates perfectly from the keyboard. I wish it came with enough magnetic feet to match the potential height of the keyboard. Also the display keys have a terrible viewing angle. With the typical angle that you would see your keyboard from your chair, my icons lose a lot of detail.

Sascha S.
Overall good, can be improved hardware-wise

Please consider the following nitpicking. I wanted a detachable and "remote" numpad with replaceable switches and this one is exactly that, amazing!

However there's always something that can be improved:
- the 4 programable buttons at the top seem to use cheap-ish (?) LCD screens to display whatever icon you like, meaning the viewing angle on them is not ideal and changes colors partially drastically depending on what icons you've used
- these LCD screens have a peculiar preference for blue and white just like the preloaded icons come in, both in terms of displaying accurate colors and viewing angles; self-made icons using photoshop would show the limitations of those screen really quickly - drop shadows wouldn't get displayed properly, colors such as yellow I had visible more as orange, red would have to be in a specific tone otherwise the viewing angles would be bad, etc. the Icons seemingly have to be a bit more simple overall
- the keycaps above the LCD screens are semi thick transparent plastic caps, from my perspective and use case I see roughly 50% of the screen, the rest is button edges that I actively see
- they are hugely unsatisfying to use in direct comparison to the cherry MX switches used everywhere else, they barely produce an audible click and it almost feels like you press on a solid plastic button that is just decoration and doesn't actually do anything, if you like a solid clicking sound or expect a clear feeling of actuation then those won't be your favourite

Something else possibly interesting to know:
- I managed to connect the numpad to the keyboard using 3 extensions, 1x 90 degree angle (roughly 3cm), 1x 20cm extension usb c cable and 1x 50cm extension usb c cable - a total of roughly 73 cm and it works, for reference it did NOT work with a single 1m usb c extension cable, however be careful this might also be dependent on the cables used to your experience might vary; it'll definitely work with the 15cm cable that comes from mountain themselves

What does this mean for you? Again important to note, it's very use case specific - if you plan on using the numpad further away from the keyboard then you might see less of the icons, their colors have to be fine tuned and compromises have to be made as to what you want to display. I consider my use case to be rather unique and thus expect this to be a problem for a minority only. Despite all of this, I would buy this thing again in a heartbeat!

Thomas Peruf
cool hardware, software needs love

i would buy it again, but feel like a early adopter. Why?
1. icon upload is buggy some times.
2. sometimes i have to manually reconnect the numpad to reload the icons. sometimes you only see white icons or they are completely messed up.