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Streaming and Content Creation Controller with 12 customizable Display Keys


MOUNTAIN DisplayPad is the high-end expansion of your gaming, streaming, and content creation setup with 12 freely customizable color Display Keys.

With flexible mounting options, DisplayPad can be mounted directly on Everest Max/Core, or on the included stand with anti-slip rubber base.

Unmatched in modularity, customizability, and maximum freedom of choice, the sky is the limit for what DisplayPad can do for you.


Incredibly crispy, bright, and colorful 104×104 pixel Display Keys
for all your hotkeys, macros, functions, and controls. Use included
icons or choose your favorite images with support for animated GIFs,
JPG, PNG, and BMP file formats.

Sitting in a beautiful frame of aluminum, they won’t just deliver an
unprecedented level of control for your games, streams, and creative
jobs. They also look the part!


Power is nothing without control, which is why Base Camp™ has been
outfitted to bring integrated control features for some of the most
popular software for gamers, streamers, and creative professionals.

Included are:


OBS Studio

Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Pro/Illustrator

DaVinci Resolve


12 Display Keys are fantastic, but not enough for your sophisticated
setup? This is where the Folders feature saves the day. Simply create
folders for your plethora of hotkeys, macros, and functions.

And yes, you can put folders into your folders so you can…you know. Endless possibilities await.


Complex sequences of inputs at the press of a single button? Macro
Wizard enables you to compress even the most sophisticated workflow into
a single action.

Simply record keyboard and mouse inputs, adjust delays as well as playback method, and bind your macros as you see fit.


Level up your efficiency with custom-tailored profiles for your every
use case. Maximize your output in creative software, make controlling
your stream a breeze, and take your game to peak performance by having
your favorite functions, shortcuts, hotkeys or macros at your

Profiles can be changed manually or automatically upon launching or closing of user-defined files or programs.


User friendly and efficient flow of function organization with
drag-n-drop control. Arranging your personalized configuration couldn’t
be easier.

Have a change to your setup that needs a shortcut update? Drag-n-drop
control enables you to readjust your personalized function order to get
your streaming, designing, or gaming back in motion quickly.


Our in-house software Base Camp™ and Keypad hardware products have
been developed together to bring absolute control to your system. The
user-centric design introduced with the Everest keyboard goes one step
further into your gaming, streaming, or designing world.

Easily create complex macros, create personal hotkeys, assign key
bindings, control functions, or take advantage of PC monitoring
features. It’s all here.


When you work or game long hours, proper ergonomics are key to
minimize strain and exhaustion. MOUNTAIN Keypads are carefully designed
to be placed wherever and are angled to be easy on your eyes and wrists.

No matter if you mount them on Everest or on the included stand, MOUNTAIN Keypads will always meet you just right.


True to our user-centric design mission, DisplayPad was designed with
utmost flexibility and maximum freedom of choice in mind. You can mount
DisplayPad on Everest Max or Core, without any tools, and within

You don’t have an Everest keyboard yet? Not a problem, simply slot
DisplayPad on to the included stand. Just as simple to mount as with
Everest, and equipped with extra heft and an anti-slip rubber base,
DisplayPad will remain sturdy even when things get hectic.


Color Midnight Black
Display Keys 12x 104x104px
Image Formats Animated GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP
MCU Cortex M0
Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 14.7x8x6.7cm
Materials Aluminum plate, ABS bottom cover, rubber pad
Number of Profiles
Display 4.5″ 800x240px IPS
Polling Rate 1000Hz/1ms
Connector USB Type-C
Cable Length 2m
Weight 127g (538g incl. stand)
Software Support Base Camp™ (Windows only)
Included Accessories
Quick Start Guide
Stand w/ Rubber Pad
2m USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable



While DisplayPad can be used standalone, it’s perfect for use with any
Everest Max or Core keyboard in order to create your ultimate gaming,
streaming, or content creation command center.


The lightweight solution for competitive gamers that expect no less than
uncompromised performance. Using PixArt’s PAW3370 sensor with up to
19000 DPI and a patented unique ribcage design weighing only 67g.


Nunatak provides a soft gaming-optimized surface for your mouse while
the anti-slip rubber base ensures a secure placement even in the most
heated of battles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Yoan B
Great product!

Sky is the limit with this product. You can customize it and it's easy to set up macros. If I had one constructive feedback, it would be that sometimes there is a small delay when using a macro but other than that, money well spent!

Reinhard D
Very good product with small weaknesses in the software

There is no second opinion about the build quality, which is excellent. The IPS display is very legible and displays the graphics very well. Since I also have the Everest Max, the heavy and stable base is for me without use, I can attach the display pad directly to the keyboard.

Unfortunately, after restarting the computer, the keys were without function. No more action was triggered after pressing them.
After I have written to the technical support of Mountain. Would me still on the same day help to the side. After searching together, they provided me with a customized exe that solved the problem.
This is an exemplary service!

To complain I would have:
Why it is not technically possible to do without a USB cable, if you connect the Displaypad to a Max, I do not understand.
And the software is also very expandable. It does what it is supposed to do, but the scope and operation is a bit weak.

Edison Dairo Jimenez
love it

i have a stream deck xl and the screens on the mountain are better resolution. clicks also feel better.

Daniel Rubinstein
Very happy with product

This box sits on my desk with layers of menus and profiles set up for office use, general use and for different games.
Its really suitable for lazy people like me who want a quicker way of opening an app or selecting an option than to move the mouse and click on something.
For frequently used apps this comes into its own. I hope to set a profile for MS FS2020 as I can see endless possibilities.
But essentially its a gadget. Is it worth it? Maybe to some, yes to me but each to their own.
Product came very quickly but was held up 2 weeks by the UK's Royal Mail strike, not a fault of Mountain.

Filip U.
I love jt

I love all the functions that this product have, and aesthetically it is very beautiful too. It would be really nice to add to a button multiple tasks, thanks!