Makalu Max

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Using PixArt’s PAW3370 sensor with up to 19000 DPI, Makalu Max enables you to reach your summit with an uncompromising set of features, including hybrid wired/wireless zero-lag 2.4 GHz connectivity and a total of 8 customizable buttons.


Experience unmatched personalization with unique side grips that are for you to mix and match.

No matter if you prefer a minimalistic setup or extra comfort for
your thumb and pinky, or a combination of both – Makalu Max perfectly
adapts to you.

Prefer extra support for tasking and creative work, but lean more towards a slimmer build for gaming?

The two included sets of side grips provide as much or as little
support for your fingers as you desire, and are held in place with
strong magnets to maximize rigidity.


Using 2.4 GHz RF technology, zero-lag wireless gaming and
productivity are literally in the grasp of your hand. The included
wireless USB receiver features an enlarged antenna design for strong,
reliable, and dependable wireless performance.

Up to 80 hours of battery life will last you through the most
enduring sessions. The included ultra-flexible USB Type-C cable keeps
you up and running when it’s time to refill the battery.


MOUNTAIN peripherals are all about customizability. Makalu Max takes that to new heights with its unique Gravity Control System, enabling you to not only alter the weight of your mouse, but also re-adjust the balance by using any of the 3 included metal weight discs.

Weighing 10.6g, 8.4g, and 6.6g, you’re certain to find your perfect match.


Only the best components are good enough for Makalu Max, which is why
we have selected PixArt’s fantastic PAW3370 sensor to be the heart of
our most customizable mouse yet.

Delivering up to 19000 DPI and with industry-leading low error rate
of only 0.5%, this sensor is all about peak performance at low power


Rated for at least 80 million actuations, Kailh GM 8.0 microswitches
are the cream of the crop when it comes to high-performance mouse

Succulent and satisfying clicks, incredibly low pre-travel and
post-travel ranges as well as tight tolerances make GM 8.0 the prime
solution for gamers and creative professionals that require reliable


We have equipped Makalu Max with a total of eight freely customizable
buttons for you to set up as you please. In addition to the common
mouse buttons one through five, Makalu Max comes with a bold sniper
button in the thumb area, and two DPI buttons behind the mouse wheel.

Bind them all to your will with MOUNTAIN Base Camp™, switch DPI and
profiles on the fly, execute elaborate macros, or equip your favorite
loadouts. The choice is yours.


With the power of MOUNTAIN Base Camp™, 16.7 million colors and numerous RGB modes are waiting for you to illuminate the LED ring on top of your Makalu Max.

Create your style and save your favorite configs in up to 5 profiles and store it on the mouse’s onboard memory.


Customization is at the heart of MOUNTAIN. Makalu Max takes it to the next level and enables you to 3D-print your own side grips.

Simply download the STL files and edit them to your heart’s desire.

Learn more on how to achieve the best 3D-printing results here.


Sensor PixArt PAW3370
Connectivity 2.4 GHz RF & USB Type-C
Max DPI 19000
IPS 400
Lift Off Distance (LOD) 1-2mm
Tracking Speed 50g
Buttons 8
Color(s) Black
Grip Claw / Palm
Backlight RGB
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
MCU Cortex M0
Connector USB Type-A
Cable length 1.8m
Product Dimensions 127×70.2×42.2mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight Approx. 110g*
Onboard memory Yes, 5 profiles
Material ABS
Micro switches (L+R) Kailh GM 8.0
Software Support Base Camp (Windows only)
Warranty 2 years
Included Accessories Braided USB Type-C to Type-A Lifeline cable
RF Receiver
2 Sets of Side Grips
3 Weight Discs
Sticker set
  * w/ standard Side Grips and w/o weight discs